Watch  Al Nasr vs Al Khaleej live today, Monday 5/8/2023, Al-Nasr vs Al-Khaleej, where the Al-Nasr team will meet its Al-Khaleej counterpart in today’s match, at seven o’clock in the evening Saudi time, within the Saudi League competitions.

Watch  Al Nasr vs Al Khaleej live
  Al Nasr vs Al Khaleej 

Watching  Al Nasr vs Al Khaleej match

Saudi Al-Nasr Al-Nasr team will meet the counterpart of Al-Khalih in a spherical summit that gathers the team at 7:00 pm Arab time, within the Saudi League competitions, and Al-Nasr club ranks second in the Saudi league ladder, with 56 points won during the 25 games it has played so far this season. Al-Nasr team managed to win 17 matches, draw 5 and lose 3. Today, Al-Nasr wants to achieve a victory against Al-Khaleej, in order to maintain an outstanding ranking in the Saudi League competitions for the current season. 

Gulf match and victory koralive

On the other hand, Gulf team faces a difficult match against Al-Nasr, this evening, Monday, within the Saudi League championship. Gulf team performed poorly in the Saudi League match, as it ranks 14th in the league’s Tribet, losing 14 matches out of 25, and winning 7 matches. He tied in 2 matches, and achieved 23 points in all his matches during the current round of the Saudi League competitions