Watch Girona vs. Real Madrid Spanish League match live broadcast today, Tuesday 25/4/2025. Girona and Real Madrid meet in a match that will start in a few hours. The match brings together the two teams in the 30th round of the Spanish League. It will take place at Montilivi Stadium starting at 8:30 PM Saudi time, 7:30 PM Cairo time, and will be broadcast on beIN Sports channels.

watching Girona and Real Madrid
watching Girona and Real Madrid

Watch Girona vs. Real Madrid kora live

Girona will face Real Madrid in a football summit tonight, Tuesday, as part of the 30th week of the Spanish League. Girona enters the match in 11th place in the Spanish League, having won 38 points after playing 30 matches during the current season. They have achieved remarkable progress as one of the best emerging teams this season.

Real Madrid will vs Girona live kora

Real Madrid will face Girona today with 65 points and occupies second place in the league. This will make it difficult for Girona to beat Real Madrid in today's match at Montilivi Stadium. Real Madrid is determined to continue competing with their traditional rival, Barcelona, for the championship title.

date of watching the Girona and Real Madrid match

The match between Girona and Real Madrid will be broadcast on beIN Sports channels, led by referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz, with commentary by Ali Mohamed Ali.The match will start at 30:20 Saudi time and Oman time, and at 7:30 PM Cairo time.